Bancroft Bairstow Talk Headbutting – weird but no malice

Bancroft Bairstow Talk Headbutting

Bancroft Bairstow Talk Headbutting – a weird action but no malice. The two are friends

Australia opening batsman Cameron Bancroft insists that Jonny Bairstow’s headbutt was just a ‘weird’ greeting rather than anything malicious.

At the time he thought it was the weird thing to do.  But didn’t regard it as being malicious.

England wicket-keeper Jonny Bairstow insists that there was no malice whatsoever. Quote: It has been blown out of all proportion. 

But Jonny hasn’t really explained why he did it.  Was it a warning to watch out during the game?

Sports fans find the incident humorous. The incident happened on night over a drink just before First Test started in Brisbane.

England team are not happy.  The headbutting has brought embarrassment. It looks like the players will not be allowed to drink before future Tests in Australia.

The Ashes are at risk.


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