Bus Photobombs Cameraman – a patient wait – view perfect – until

Bus Photobombs Camerman
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Bus Photobombs Cameraman – the wait was not too long. But just as the button was pressed…The rest is history

Weather Channel cameraman thought they had the perfect view of the Georgia Dome implosion. But an Atlanta bus driver had other plans.

The Weather Channel live streaming for  40 minutes. All set up to film the Georgia Dome’s implosion. But it didn’t happen.  A surprise photobomber ruined the big moment.

The incident has gone viral.  It took only 12 seconds to flatten the building.  Enough time for the bus to pull up at the traffic lights in front of the Stadium.

The demolition of the former Olympic Stadium planned so that it would happen without a hitch.  No-one took into account the traffic lights.  The lights were red so the bus had to stop.

A situation where you could laugh or cry.  The cameraman jumped up and down and a few expletives were used.  The video has beeped them out.

Viewers around the world love the video. It has led to a lot of laughs as well.

The Weather Channel may be unhappy about the incident.  But happy the moment is over.

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