Brakes Movie – trailer – November 24 – twisted upside down comedy

Brakes Movie
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Brakes Movie – watch trailer for this odd but wacky film.  Hits cinemas November 24

Brakes: an improv-based dark comedy set in London.

This is how it goes

Nine couples experience breakups before meeting someone new.

Director: Mercedes Grower

Writer: Mercedes Grower

Stars: Julian Barratt, Kelly Campbell, Seb Cardinal.  Julian Cowan, Julia Davis, Noel Fielding

Guardian: Brakes is dominated by a single, structural idea. It offers, in a series of short scenes, the final moments of a dozen or so relationships. From a middle-aged couple living in a fancy Marylebone flat to a comic-bizarre obsession after a one night stand in Barcelona 

Quotes:  Tomorrow’s the moon.  Today is the sun.  Yesterday is gone.

Do you wanna meet up when you get back?

Are you local here?  Do you live round here?  No!

Can I come round there?  No!

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