NASA Map 20 Years Climate Change – breath-taking time lapse

NASA 20 Years Climate Change

NASA Map 20 Years Climate Change – Wow. A breathtaking view 

A stunning new NASA time-lapse video crams 20 years of Earth into just a few minutes. It is helping scientists learn a lot more about global warming and how the earth is changing. Chip Reid reports.

The data visualization, released this week, shows Earth’s fluctuations as seen from space.

The polar ice caps and snow cover are shown ebbing and flowing with the seasons. The varying ocean shades of blue, green. Red and purple depict the abundance – or lack – of undersea life.

Two decades are crunched into two and a half minutes of viewing.  From September 1997 to this past September. This video condensed to just under a minute. The images described as stunning. Scientists praise the images that tell the story of earth

Quote:  It’s like watching the earth breathe.  It’s really remarkable.  

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