Hero Dog Gets Highest Bravery Award – equivalent to Victoria Cross

Hero Dog Gets Highest Bravery Award
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Hero Dog Gets Highest Bravery Award – an honour usually bestowed on military personnel.

MALI, the heroic military dog, was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal for serving in Afghanistan in 2012.  The equivalent to the Victoria Cross usually awarded to soldiers

He showed incredible courage after bombs went off during a bitter Afghan firefight.

Mali went through direct fire to conduct searches for explosives. While the dog did this, gunfire and bombs struck and injured him.  But Mali continued to work.

Soldiers he worked with praised the brave dog and that he assisted in such a brave way.  The canine animal put into action military training and helped secure a key enemy stronghold.

Mali is a Belgian Malinois and at the time attached to the Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC).  Involved in the heart of a battlefield was part of his duties with the soldiers.

The Military dog had extensive training before going to a conflict zone. Dedication, care and patience required to get Mali up to speed and ready to fight.

Eight-year-old Mali, now out of military service, travelled to London for the medal presentation.

Handlers describe Mali as a guardian angel.

Quote: Handler – I think it is vastly important. When we come back from our tours away in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.  We get back, we have a medal ceremony, we get a medal.  The dogs they come back and just go back to normal life, like nothing’s happened. So it’s nice that just not for Mali but for military working dogs as a whole

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