Mariah Carey’s New Song ‘The Star’ – movie hits cinemas Nov 24

Mariah Carey's New Song The Star
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Mariah Carey’s New Song ‘The Star’ – recorded for enticing Christmas movie out in cinemas November 24

A chart topper, Mariah Carey chose The Star film to release her new track. Also called The Star it is bound to head for the top of the charts.

It is among her many successful Christmas tracks. Mariah Carey loves recording at this time of year.

The nativity is close to her heart.


I’m so happy to be sharing my new song featured from the wonderful new movie The Star.

It’s nice that there’s a movie that going to focus on the Nativity. And its told from the animal perspective.

Mariah Carey released the new track back in October.  The Christmas hits have been out of this world.  Fans adore her music and follow new songs closely. Nativity and animals are close to her heart as December 25 draws near


I think that song brings the entire movie to life.  And that’s a pretty special thing.

Some of the Lyrics:

One dark night. Something says follow the light.

Follow that voice is heard that no-one else believed

Follow the dream that brought the King on Christmas Eve


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