Parliament Has Final Vote on Brexit Deal – an opportunity to accept or reject

Prime Ministers Questions - Theresa May and Brexit
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Parliament Has Final Vote on Brexit Deal – MPs given a chance to have a say on what they think of the deal.

Brexit Secretary David Davis made the announcement in the Commons today Monday 13 November.

Terms of the UK’s exit, such as money, citizen rights and any transition must become law via a new Act of Parliament.

David said any deal would “only hold” if MPs approved it.  It would not alter the fact the UK was leaving the EU.

Labour welcomed a “climbdown” but some MPs warned of a “sham” if ministers could not be asked to renegotiate.

The announcement comes as MPs prepare to debate key Brexit legislation later this week. The government faces possible defeat on aspects of the EU Withdrawal Bill, which will convert EU law into UK law.

The UK is due to leave the EU in March 2019.  This is irrespective of whether MPs back or reject the terms of the deal negotiated by Theresa May’s government.

In the meantime arguments will go on. Let’s hope they are all good

A referendum voted for the country to leave the European Union back in June 2016. It set off a spark that continues to burn.



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