Unexpected Residents in River Thames – seahorse magic

Unexpected Residents in River Thames

Unexpected Residents in River Thames – threatened with extinction worldwide

Two species of seahorses have made their home in the River Thames, conservation charity ZSL has found.

The creatures have been spotted six times in the last two months in the river between Greenwich and the South Bank.

This is good news because extinction forecast for the creatures.

Seahorses are a favourite among life underwater. It is good to learn conservation charities and group care for seahorses.  It takes a lot of dedication and patience to do this.

Seahorses found in oceans around the world.  Their jaws fused to form a straw-like snout. Instead of scales the thin skin stretches over a series of bony plates.  The magical creatures slow swimmers.

The coolest thing. Males brood the babies.  A male seahorse has a brooding pouch on its belly. A female egg placed inside.

After a few weeks, when babies ready, the male gives birth. The males seahorses rocks back and forth like a rocking-horse. The tiny baby seahorses pop out from a small hole in the tummy.  An amazing birth!

A hundred and fifty million captured and killed every year to use in traditional medicine.


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