Vogue’s New Editor Wants to Protect Models – girls and boys chaperoned

Vogue's New Editor Wants to Protect Models
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Vogue’s New Editor Wants to Protect Models – also against bullying against young models

The new editor of Vogue, Edward Enninful, tells the BBC why the magazine will be more diverse.

Enninful wants to create a magazine that is open and friendly.  When a page is opened the reader will see more colour and fun.

Young models will be looked after when on shoots. Mothers or chaperones will be there to take care of the girls and boys.

Quotes: Enninful – everyone has suffered on social media. I make it a point to go through and delete people who bully.  For me bullying, in any shape or form is not right. If I leave your negative comments on there I’m encouraging bullying.

Enninful – My Vogue is about something inclusive.  It’s about diversity. So, women, different body shapes, race class. Tackling gender.  Before I got the job I spoke to certain women and they felt they were not represented by the magazine.  So I wanted to create a magazine open and friendly. A bit like a shop not scared to walk into. 

Magazine pages full of all ages, shapes and genders.


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