Sex Workers Star in Own Musical – on UK tour until Dec 2

Sex Workers Sing in Own Musical

Sex Workers Star in Own Musical – goes on tour after successful run

It is the musical where sex workers help actors to sing their own song.

Half of the cast of the Sex Worker’s Opera have worked in the profession. Here two of them, Melina Antunes and Charlotte Rose, discuss what the musical means to them.

Experimental Experience presents the UK Tour:

Originally devised in 2014, the award-winning Sex Worker’s Opera will tour the UK for the first time this autumn.  It follows a multitude of sell-out performances around the UK, Ireland and Greece.

Comprised of 50% Sex Workers, this provocative show gives platform for sex workers. They are tired of being spoken for.  Finally tell their own stories on their own terms.

Musical smashes together genres. Sex Worker’s Opera collides opera with hip-hop and incorporates sound art projections and poetry. It showcases an unflinchingly honest and upliftingly human insight into the lives of Sex Workers around the world.

Co- Directors Siobhan Knox, Clare Quinn and Alex Etchart

Quotes: “It has given me the chance to explore my happiness in my career as a sex worker, to heal all my pain, to make poetry with my life.”

Co-Director, Siobhan Knox:  “Everyone has an opinion about sex work, even if it’s a joke or something they’ve heard on TV. Art and the media portray sex work in a very one dimensional way, it is either extremely glamorous or extremely tragic, and one of the messages of the show is that sex work is human, it is not good or bad it’s just complex.

Reviews:  Slaps tropes round the face with a PVC glove (Time Out) What every great opera should do. (Royal Opera House) 

A must see musical. It has a story to tell. Street workers have a life to live

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