New Banksy Work Unveiled at Apology Party For Palestinians – BBC News – kids loved it!

New Banksy Work Unveiled at Apology Party For Palestinians
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New Banksy Work Unveiled at Apology Party for Palestinians – a mock tea party followed

An actor dressed as Queen Elizabeth II unveiled a new work by UK artist Banksy. It was etched into Israel’s controversial West Bank barrier.

The carving reads “Er… Sorry”, alluding to the centenary of the 1917 Balfour Declaration. This was when Britain expressed its support for a Jewish national home.

Israel and Jewish communities view the pledge as momentous.  Palestinians regard it as a historical injustice.

The unveiling was part of Banksy’s mock tea party.  Children from nearby Palestinian refugee camps invited to attend. Lots of cake and tea for everyone decorated in the British flag

Protesters invaded the party. The demonstrators against Palestinian children taking part in the event.

The demonstration comes as sensitivities running high over the 100-year-old Balfour Declaration. It is to be marked at a special dinner in London

Tea party held outside Banksy’s hotel in West Bank city of Jerusalem. There is division over the hotel.

Known as Walled Off Hotel it attracts visitors and tourists.  The satirical party eclipsed other official functions.

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