Sex Abuse in Parliament Should Go To Police – revelations go on

Theresa May PM
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Sex Abuse in Parliament Should Go To Police – meeting to take place with all political parties

Theresa May said any allegations about serious sexual abuse in Parliament should go to the police.  Mrs May promised a new independent process to handle complaints.

The PM deeply concerned by recent reports about alleged harassment and abuse at Westminster.

Theresa May invited Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders to a meeting to agree a new grievance procedure.

Mr Corbyn said trade unions should be involved to support staff.

The government already promised a response within days. This followed a range of recent allegations which included claims of a lack of support for those making complaints.

Opening Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons, Mrs May said meetings started. Discussions are based on a common, transparent, independent grievance procedure.

PM: We have a duty to ensure that everyone coming here to contribute to public life is treated with respect.

This included processes for the political parties to follow. Also investigations under the ministerial code and rules covering everyone working at the Palace of Westminster.

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn happy to meet the PM to discuss the issue.  A meeting scheduled for early next week.

As each day goes by more revelations emerge. The meetings attempt to put an end to treatment of abuse in Parliament.

The call for protection and anonymity were the key issues.


What are your thoughts on this subject?  A revelation on an issue not expected.  Let us know what you think.  A lot said will it stop?  Parliament not immune from such action.  We would like to hear from you. Do you believe that politicians have behaved badly?  Is it time to be exposed?  Visit our comment box below.  Leave your thoughts and views.  We are here 24/7.  You can watch our videos on your smart phone. Just key in and surf through our stories.

We have a variety of subjects. Keep up with the Brexit issue in our political pages. It has been going on for some time but it is drawing to an end.  Brexit meant to be over by end of March 2019.  Will it be sorted by then?



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