Conor McGregor: Notorious – 1 November – documentary of biggest sports star

Conor McGregor: Notorious
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CONOR McGREGOR: NOTORIOUS – a documentary filmed over the course of 4 years. In cinemas from 1 November

A glitzy premiere was held in Dublin November 1. An exciting night. Massive crowd on fans welcomed the great sportsman who was there with family and friends. The superstar was proud as punch!

Conor McGregor is the biggest star in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. Also one of the biggest sports stars alive today.

Conor McGregor: Notorious film gets up-close with this astonishing sportsman.  Director Gavin Fitzgerald and his team followed the UFC superstar around for the last four years. They created  the 90-minute documentary about his life.

The documentary is a gripping access-all-areas account of McGregor’s personal and professional journey.  It highlight’s the fighter’s rise from claiming benefits and living in his mum’s spare room with his girlfriend to his ultimate success.

Conor claimed multiple championship belts and 9-figure pay packets.

The close-up look at Conor includes exclusive interviews and unprecedented access and fight footage. This is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at a sporting icon and his meteoric rise.

Director:  Gavin Fitzgerald

Produced by:  Jamie D’alton

Stars: Conor McGregor, José AldoDee Devlin. Dana White, Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Quotes: Conor – Arnie you are my hero.  I know you are a busy man.  I’ll put you down as there.  I’ll understand if you’re not

Arnie Schwarzenegger: I’ll be back!

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