Lewis Hamilton F1 Great Shines – 4th world title a record breaker

Lewis Hamilton F1 Great Shines
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Lewis Hamilton F1 Great Shines –  It is 4th world title for the champion

Lewis Hamilton clinched his fourth world title at the Mexican Grand Prix. This despite finishing only ninth after a clash with rival Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton’s achievement makes him unquestionably the most successful British Formula 1 driver in history.  The grand prix driver moves one championship clear of Sir Jackie Stewart.

He joins Vettel and Frenchman Alain Prost on four world titles. This behind only Michael Schumacher, the all-time record holder on seven, and Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio’s five.

Jenson Button world champion 2009, has words of praise for Lewis Hamilton.  So does another champion Jackie Stewart.

The fourth world title winner, believes the future ahead holds more wins and ready to face the challenges.

video BBCSport. Watch the chat and good scenes of Lewis Hamilton.

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