UK Theatre Industry Introduces Behaviour Code – action fast and bold

UK Theatre Industry Introduces Behaviour Code

UK Theatre Industry Introduces Behaviour Code – no time wasted – done in a week. Will the industry accept it?

Behaviour Guidelines aimed at ending sexual harassment and power abuse in the theatre industry are to be introduced. The Behaviour Code comes as the Harvey Weinstein scandal continues to spread and revelations are being made in the UK.

The Royal Court Theatre revealed the plan at a Day of Action on October 28.  At the event stories told of sexual harassment and power abuses. Artistic Director, Vicky Featherstone who leads the initiative, found the accounts disturbing.

The theatre received 150 submissions made over 10 days. An indication that sexual harassment extensive.  Vicky: there was no alternative but to take action. This led to the Behaviour Code announcement.  Process really fast and Bold. No time to be wasted.

A Behaviour Code to do the trick. Difficult part agreement across the country. The entertainment business works fast when necessary

Claims emerged during Day of Action sessions that award-winning Directors involved in cases.

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