Today Programme Behind the Mic – hottest show on BBC radio

Today programme behind the mic
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Today Programme Behind the Mic – most listened to show on BBC

BBC Radio 4’s Today programme is celebrating 60 years of being on air. It’s become known as the place to hear top politicians taken to task and policy analysed to within an inch of its life.

On 28th October, the Today programme turns 60. A momentous occasion and one where Radio 4 team will hopefully get some cake.

It’s always been a window on the whole world.  A place for BBC reporters to bring their news to people in Britain who care about, and know about, their world.

Listeners have a love hate relationship with the show. It can irritate, impress. The show can anger as well as inform what is going on the world. It’s editorial standards are of the highest level. Impartiality is prime.

Today programme has listeners worldwide. It is a global show despite broadcasting mainly to Britain. Radio is switched as early as 6am. Broadcasts for three hours six days a week.

To celebrate, Justin Webb thought he would throw open the studio doors and give you a taste of what life is life behind the scenes at Today.


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