Pope Calls International Space Station Vatican – watch again – ‘heavenly’ chat

Pope Calls International Space Station Vatican

Pope Calls International Space Station Vatican watch again – Pope’s first call from planet earth to Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli and rest of crew on ISS. Good team spirit. Lots to talk about from space to earth and the Vatican

This is the first phone call by Pope Francis to outer space.  But not the first call made from the Vatican.  In 2011 Pope Benedict XVI called the space station. Phone chats

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli was aboard the orbiting lab for the first papal call, and he’s back up there again, along with three Americans and two Russians.

The European Space Agency made the arrangements, with NASA’s technical support. Paolo is not new to ISS. He’s made two trips before

A large Roman Catholic contingent led by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston-Houston, will gather at Mission Control for the long-distance chat.

Fresh from the space station, U.S. astronaut Jack Fischer said his faith grew while he was in orbit. He invited his priest to his Houston homecoming last month.  This after landing in a Russian capsule on the other side of the world.

Love is a subject in the exchanges. Pope found that enlightening. The Pope is talking to each astronaut. Pope suggests from what he sees it is what God would want.

British scientists participate in European Space Agency.

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