Fats Domino: Five Things You May Not Have known – rock ‘n’ roll legend

Fats Domino: Five Things You May Not Have known

Fats Domino: Five Things You May Not Have known – one of the most influential rock and roll performers of the 1950s and 60s.  

Antoine ‘Fats’ Domino Jr, passed away at the age of 89

His family issued a statement saying he died of natural causes at home surrounded by those he loved and those that loved him.

They thanked fans for the outpouring of love and tributes they received.

Celebrities took to twitter to honour the singing legend.

The New Orleans singer sold more than 65 million records, outselling every 1950s rock and roll act except Elvis Presley.

His million-selling debut single, The Fat Man, is credited by some as the first ever rock and roll record.

An official from New Orleans coroner’s office confirmed the death, which was earlier announced by Domino’s daughter to a local television station.

Fats Domino started in the music scene at an early age.  He dropped out of high school and played in local bars.  Prime years for the rock ‘n’ roll singer were between 1949  to 1960.

BBC video takes a look at some of the most interesting and surprising points about his life.

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