Bloodhound is Go – Newquay 2017 – REPLAY of 200mph test runs

Bloodhound is Go - Newquay
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Bloodhound is Go – Newquay 2017 – REPLAY – 26 October – 12:30 Don’t miss it!  Watch as the Bloodhound SSC makes it 200mph public debut.

There is a lot of activity going on there. Crowds arriving and world’s media there to report the great event.

The British car designed to go 1,000mph (1,610km/h) will make its first public runs in Cornwall later.

Bloodhound SSC is conducting initial “slow-speed” trials and should get up to about 200mph (320km/h) on the runway at Newquay Airport.

Driven by RAF Wing Commander Andy Green, the car aims to break the world land speed record in 2019.

This will take place on a special track that has been prepared on a dried-out lakebed in Northern Cape, South Africa.

“This is about showing the world what we’re about,” said Wing Commander Green.

“We’ve designed and built the most extraordinary, sophisticated, high-performance land speed record car in history. It will do 0-200mph in about eight seconds. For a five-tonne vehicle – that’s eye-popping performance,” he told BBC News.

It is exactly 20 years since the RAF man drove the jet-powered Thrust SSC vehicle through the sound barrier in the American Nevada desert to register a speed of 763mph (1,227km/h).

Find out more about this engineering adventure:

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