UK Diver Swims to Safety After Australia Shark Scare – keeping face hidden helped outwit the shark

UK Diver Swims to Safety
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UK Diver Swims to Safety After Australia Shark Scare – keeping his face hidden crucial 

A British diver swam 7.5km (4.5 miles) to safety off the coast of Australia. He lost sight of his boat and “followed” by a shark.

John Craig, 34, had been spear-fishing underwater in Western Australia October 20.  When he surfaced and could not see the boat, being crewed by a friend.

Craig said he noticed a shark as he called and splashed for help.

He began a long swim back to shore before reaching land. John walked for another 30 minutes until he was seen.

The Sunderland man, an experienced diver moved to Australia two years ago. The diver said the shark had appeared to be a tiger shark about 4m in length.

Craig described his encounter to the BBC: It was extremely close and curious and kept approaching me from different angles. It was trying to work out what I was and whether I could be on the menu.

“It was terrifying. I thought I was just going to be eaten out here in the middle of nowhere… this shark is just not leaving me alone.”


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