Theresa May Brexit Update EU Citizens – plus good stage concerning Irish border

Theresa May Brexit Update EU Citizens
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Theresa May Brexit Update EU Citizens – reassurance given during the message to Parliament. 

It took the Prime Minister ten minutes to outline the latest in the Brexit negotiation. But one issue was given a good two minutes. PM also gave an update on the Northern Ireland border.

Theresa May outlined the situation concerning EU citizens and rights.  On the whole those in Britain will stay.

Necessary to follow a process of clarification.  It would mean holding a document permitting citizens from the European Union to stay in the country.

The so-called permit would not come free. A payment would have to be made.  Mrs May said it would cost the same as a passport.

The same would apply to British people living in the European Union. France, Spain, Holland are popular locations for the Brits. Exact number is not clear.

About 3.3 million EU citizens live in the UK. Letters sent explaining the procedure to follow to sort out right to stay.

There’s a drop in EU citizens coming to Britain. Since the Brexit issue began arrivals have slowed down.

Despite the comings and goings of EU citizens Brexit is due to be sorted by end of March 2019. One more year to go



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