Parliament TV Live Theresa May Brexit Update – Reaction Ended – debate Electric Cars

Theresa May Brexit Update
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Parliament TV Live Theresa May Brexit Update. Rumours flying around about how she begged the EU for help. PM EU Summit update and reaction has ended. Electric Car debate started

Theresa May updates MPs about Brexit talks. This comes amid a row over an alleged leak about a dinner with EU leaders in Brussels last week. It is rowdy

Her ex-adviser Nick Timothy accused EU official Martin Selmayr of being the source of an account in a German paper. It claimed Mrs May was politically weak and had “begged for help” at a dinner.

He claimed it showed “some in Brussels want no deal or a punitive one”.

Selmayr denied involvement and said it was an attempt to “frame” the EU.

He is a senior aide to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who had the dinner with Mrs May in Brussels last week ahead of an EU summit.

The apparent leak of what happened in the dinner follows a similar incident in April, when Mrs May accused some in the EU of “meddling” in the general election campaign after details of a dinner between her and Juncker in Downing Street appeared in the German press.

Downing Street said it had no comment on the latest reports and pointed out that both sides were of the view that the recent get-together had been “constructive and friendly”.

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