85-year-old Behind 1000mph Car – three years for the Rocket Scientist to design –

The 85-year-old Behind 1000mph Car
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85-year-old behind the 1000mph carThe bloodhound car aimed to travel at highest speed possible

The 85-year-old behind the 1000mph car. The rocket scientist is the man behind the design of a car aiming to break the “ultimate record”.

It took Ron Ayers three years to design the shape for Bloodhound. It is a British-built car aiming to reach 1,000mph.

His fascination with engineering started as a boy during the Blitz. He saw Spitfires and Hurricanes flying overhead. This was when ambition to be an engineer kicked in. It then turned to becoming a scientist.

The love for fast cars also inspired the design. Ron Ayers was content sitting, drawing, adjusting, changing until he got it right.

The master craft created by Ron is now off the drawing board and on the road.

A team of highly skilled engineers helped build and put the car together. The Bloodhound is known to have speed.  But does it have the power to reach 1,000mph?

Ron believes it can be done. Conditions need to be right to achieve it

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