Top EU Officials Talk Brexit With Media – Tusk: deadlock an exaggeration

Donald Tusk European Council President
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Top EU Officials Talk Brexit With Media – deadlock is an exaggeration says Donald Tusk.

Reports of deadlock over Brexit negotiations may have been exaggerated. Comment made by  European Council President Donald Tusk after a Brussels summit.

This followed meetings with Theresa May in Brussels for briefing on negotiations.

Donald Tusk:  Progress was not sufficient to begin trade talks with the UK now but that doesn’t mean there is no progress at all.

EU leaders will discuss the issue internally, paving the way for talks with the UK, possibly in December.

Theresa May said: some way to go but was optimistic.

Speaking at the end of a two-day summit Tusk told reporters: My impression is that the reports of the deadlock between the EU and the UK have been exaggerated.

But Jean-Claude Juncker President of the European Commission had a different view. Reporters heard how he was happy to use the deadlock.  

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, described the talks as deadlocked earlier this month.

Theresa May is back in UK.  She does not return home empty handed according to some analysts.  Although not sure what Mrs May has brought back

Mrs May, however, is pleased progress made. Although by not very much. The Brussels visit has left a calmer, friendlier atmosphere between the two sides.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: encouraging signs of progress in Brexit negotiations.  The process was progressing “step by step”.

So signs are good. If not altogether positive.  Talks continue in December



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