Sky News Live OVER – EU Brexit Talks – deadlock exaggerated

Sky News Live

Sky News Live

Sky News Live OVER – EU Brexit Talks – still more to explore.  Next round of talks in December

EU leaders have agreed to start preparing for trade talks with the UK – as Theresa May admits there is some way to go in negotiations.

Donald Tusk says reports of a deadlock on Brexit have been exaggerated.  But progress on a deal

European Council president says he hopes to move into the second phase of Brexit talks in December

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker: I hate the no-deal scenario on Brexit, I don’t know what that means

Theresa May: As expected, 27 EU counterparts agreed at a Brussels summit that not enough progress had been made on other issues to begin formal trade talks now.

But by starting internal talks, they pave the way for them to begin, possibly in December.

Mrs May declined to say what the UK would be prepared to pay to leave.

The so-called divorce bill is a major sticking point in talks with the EU. Mrs May would only say that she had already given firm commitment on Britain’s financial obligations.

Is it too soon to say positive progress made?

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