Sir Tom: Encounter Made Me Feel Terrible – it’s not unusual

Sir Tom: Encounter Made Me Feel Terrible
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Sir Tom: Encounter Made Me Feel Terrible – it’s not unusual as the song goes

The singer says he was propositioned by a man in the music industry, early on in his career in the 1960s.

Tom Jones had an amazing rise to fame with many hits. But he had incredible following and fans just loved him.  In particular women.

The pop singer enjoys the role as judge on ITV’s The Voice. Tom’s views and opinion respected. Young talent regard what he says as crucial to careers.  The judging role has renewed or even revived his popularity.

Hearing the great songs of the sixties again is great.  Everywhere he goes fans follow. Age range varies but it doesn’t matter. Sit Tom has remarkable talent and applauded for continuing in the business of singing and recording.

Asked about the number of allegations being made concerning major figures in the film industry. Sir Tom: things happen in show business.  Sometimes covered up and then they come to light.

Sir Tom had been asked about the abuse alleged to have taken place in Hollywood.

He spoke to 5live’s Colin Paterson.

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