The truth about hate crime and Brexit – victims suffered England and Wales

The truth about hate crime and Brexit
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The truth about hate crime and Brexit – victims were foreigners who lived in the UK

After the Brexit vote, a spike in race hate crimes in England and Wales revealed.

Regular reports were made in the media about beatings and threats toward foreigners.  Police became aware of the problem.  Some took action others ignored the complaint. But that changed

In February 2017 the Independent newspaper revealed new hate crime figures had risen by up to 100 per cent.  Police planning an increase in protection plan for vulnerable groups.

Dorset saw the greatest increase.  Between July and September 2016, 104 offences. Across England and Wales the rise was 27 per cent.

In Nottinghamshire hate crime went up 75%.  North Yorkshire rose to 68%. In West Mercia up 64%.  Devon and Cornwall rose by 63%.

The figures shocked and led to police forces ramp up intelligence gathering and put protection into place.

Community groups representing EU nationals in the UK warned about the potential for an undercurrent of xenophobia.

Livvy Haydock meets Kamil, who was attacked because Polish background. Also a group of men who admit to attacking immigrants living in the UK.

Watch the full programme, Hate on the Street, which was made for Panorama on BBC Two.

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