LIVE Sentinel-5P Launches – WATCH AGAIN – British made – air quality mission

blast-off Oct 13 Sentinel-5P

LIVE Sentinel-5P Launches – WATCH AGAIN – Science & Technology. British made satellite built in Stevenage

The Sentinel-5P launched live from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia on 13 October. Liftoff at 10:27BST (11:27 CEST).  An excellent lift-off. It’s mission has begun

Sentinel-5P is the first Copernicus mission dedicated to monitoring our atmosphere. The satellite carries the state-of-the-art Tropomi instrument to map a multitude of trace gases. Such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and aerosols.  All of which affect the air we breathe and therefore our health, and our climate.

Sentinal-5P will join the rest of the fleet of Sentinel satellites in orbit. The spacecraft is part of the Copernicus European Union programme.

This is one of the most important space ventures for the Earth’s environment.  The data will be valuable for future science.  It will help speed-up the process of action if needed.

Environment the key issue and views from space can inform. Sentinal-5P launch is vital and can do this. It travelled to Russia from Stevenage in England. Once there the final assembly took place.  Scientists and engineers were ecstatic.


A loud but successful launch. Happened 1037 BST. Eyes of the world saw blast-off. Launch pad set in a beautiful autumn environment

A vital air force in dealing with environmental issues on earth. The data it sends back will offer ways to deal with emissions. There is hope for a cleaner atmosphere and a healthier lifestyle. Data will be studied by scientists back on earth to save the planet.

The webstream will include updates from ESA’s mission control in Darmstadt, Germany.


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