Race Disparity – Nowhere To Hide – multi discrimination among workforce

Race Disparity - Nowhere to Hide
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Race Disparity – Nowhere to Hide – new government audit shows differences in number of areas. There are large gaps between regions

Theresa May has warned public services there will be nowhere to hide if they treat people differently on the basis of their race.

New government audit, with its own website, shows disparities in educational ability. Also in health, employment and treatment by police and courts.

The PM made clear that institutions must explain or change any variations.

May’s project brings together government statistics covering ethnic breakdowns in 130 areas.  The data goes beyond breaking down figures by colour. It delves into differences between a variety of ethnic groups. For example, Chinese pupils excelled at primary school. At least 71% reach the expected standard of reading, writing and maths.

Labour believes government must accept its role in curbing the injustice. Cuts to services had affected women, ethnic minorities, disabled and older people disproportionately.

The government said the data would affect policy. The Department of Works and Pensions taking action in 20 targeted hotspots. The North is the worst place for ethnic minorities to get a job. The gap between them and white people extends 13.5%.  In the South it is 9%

Recommendations by the Labour MP David Lamy will be taken up.


The audit is a giant nudge to change behaviour on issues of race inequality.  The project is not about the government trying to prod the people.  It is a government trying to nudge itself.

Prime Minister is determined to shine a light on disparities.  A focus on many of the troubling differences is no bad thing. Ministers have known about these troubling and shocking disparities for years or even decades. Why did it take a prime ministerial nudge to get them to take action?

In reality, will there be action. Complaints have been made.  But a threat of government policy could encourage change. Mrs May’s move appears positive. It will take time. There is a lot to do.

Setting up a website is meant to help those who need to examine the issues. Also, guide the public sector. But some believe it could be a waste of time.

The sudden announcement is likely to either improve the status of the Prime Minister.  Or, it could have a reverse effect. PM hopes to gain support as a result of the audit. It is too soon know. Critics likely to be cautious. There is a long way to go. A journey that could lead to staying or going. Theresa May has a way to go

This link will take you to the special website for the audit:

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