Rail Safety: Buggy Smashed By Freight Train – no-on seemed to notice it was moving

Rail Safety: Buggy Smashed By Freight Train
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Rail Safety: Buggy Smashed By Freight Train – watch as the buggy slowly rolls toward the train. 

CCTV footage of a pushchair being sucked across a station platform by a freight train’s slipstream has been published.  It is a stark warning to parents and carers.

The clip, released by the Rail Safety and Standards Board recorded at Nuneaton Station in July.

No child was inside the buggy at the time. The RSSB urges pram and pushchair users to take extra care on station platforms. Keep a tight hold and apply the brakes if possible.

Train travel is significantly safer than the car and the risks to passengers are low. But the incident at Nuneaton serves as a reminder that care needs to be taken near the platform edge.

RSSB is working with the rail industry to refresh its passenger awareness campaigns on station safety. This is done by the Rail Delivery Group who are specifically looking at the issue of trains passing through platforms.

Brakes on a buggy can be dodgy while not in use. But there at times can loosen and move away.



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