Watch Again: Theresa May Tells MPs Ball in EU Court – we’re leaving March 2019

tough day
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Watch Again: Theresa May Tells MPs Ball in EU Court – Labour says it’s a shambles

There were no coughs, tickles or water only a straight forward message about Brexit negotiations. The cold was not mentioned

Theresa May: The ball is in their court.  Negotiations may not always be smooth. We need to get the Irish border right. Want a unique and ambitious relationship with the EU after Brexit. The UK can prove the doomsayers wrong. I am determined to deliver what the people want.  Brexit options include no deal. An awful lot of information but valuable.

This is the Prime Minister’s first address on Brexit since the meeting in Florence September 22.

PM wants to find a new economic trade deal with EU.  Government publishing white papers on Trade and Customs

The White Papers about the future of trade and customs policies considered aspirational documents. Set-out how the government hopes the UK will be able to operate in the future after Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn: Government making a mess of it.  No progress made. What has government been doing. Still unclear what the Prime Minister envisages or whether it will last.

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