Parliament LIVE OVER – Theresa May Talks Brexit – OVER – 9 Oct – 16:30 – Ball in EU Court – CLICK now to watch debate

Theresa ay PM
Theresa ay PM

Theresa ay PM

Parliament LIVE OVER – Theresa May Talks Brexit – LIVE OVER Monday October 9 at 4.30pm – 3.30pm statement on Monarch Airlines

This is the Prime Minister’s first address on Brexit since the meeting in Florence September 22.

There is a lot of noise as MPs react to her comments.

PM wants to find a new economic trade deal with EU. The ball is in their court.  Negotiations may not always be smooth. We need to get the Irish border right. Want a unique and ambition relationship with the EU after Brexit. The UK can prove the doomsayers wrong. I am determined to deliver what the people want

Government publishing white papers of on Trade and Customs

Corbyn: Government making a mess of it.  No progress made. What has government been doing. Still unclear what the Prime Minister Envisages or whether it will last.

Political commentators report that Theresa May will tell parliament that the UK can “prove the doomsayers wrong” when it comes to Brexit.

The prime minister will say “progress will not always be smooth”. But that she wants the best possible deal for both the UK and the EU.

It is the final set of talks before EU leaders meet. This is to decide if enough progress has been made to talk about post-Brexit relations with the UK.

First Adress

In her first address to parliament since she outlined her plans in Florence, Mrs May describes the government’s ambition for a “new, deep and special partnership between a sovereign United Kingdom and a strong and successful European Union.”

Theresa May wants this opportunity to update the country on Brexit. It is likely symptoms of a cold will have gone. Hopefully, Mrs May’s speech will be without coughs or a tickle in the throat.


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