Battle of the Sexes Premiere BFI Film Festival – Billie Jean meets her star Emma Stone

Battle of the Sexes Premiere BFI Film Festival
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Battle of the Sexes Premiere BFI Film Festival – the film launched with both ‘stars’ present!

Billy Jean King and Emma Stone hit it off perfectly.  Billy couldn’t resist holding Emma’s hand during the premiere.  She was so totally impressed with the Hollywood actress because she was able to play her perfectly. Billy Jean proud to have her story told. Let it be known that Emma Stone was perfect in the role. As for Emma she was flattered

The big premiere event was at the Odeon Leicester Square.  The celebration was part of the BFI’s American Express film festival.

Fans were overwhelmed to see the Hollywood stars along with one of the world’s best tennis players.

Battle of the Sexes film tells the story of the rise of the women’s movement back in 1973.  Billie Jean King challenged ex-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs to a tennis match.  Billie determined to let the world know that men were not better than men at the sport or anything else for that matter.

Billy Jean King also had the battle of her personal life. She came out and introduced the world to her friend Marilyn Barnett.

That seems so long ago but sad as it an issue that still exists.  Never mind.  Go see the movie.  It hits British cinemas November 24.  It will inspire


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