What’s It Really Like To Work At GCHQ – intelligence agency wants more women – those there love their jobs

What's It Really Like To Work At GCHQ?
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What’s It Really Like To Work At GCHQ – intriguing opening for women to work in the secret service.

Three female GCHQ employees told BBC Radio 5 live about their experience of working for the secretive intelligence agency.

After given rare access to meet some of the women who work there, Emma Barnett spoke to Sally. She is one of the most senior women at GCHQ, and to two young women who joined more recently.

GCHQ works alongside MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service to protect the UK from terrorism, cyber-attacks, serious crime and espionage.

The organisation wants to increase the number of women working there. Also to raise awareness of its apprenticeship scheme.

Work not discussed in the household.  Children can know but not allowed to tell their friends what their mothers do.  Parents can also be told but again cannot discuss a day’s work.

All is a secret. Despite this, these women reveal to Emma  how they like or dislike involvement in the intelligence unit.  On the whole it is agreeable, friendly, and a good salary can be earned.

GCHQ is a location surrounded with security and deep secrecy. It is very difficult to get near it to take a look let alone get inside!

Watch how Emma Barnett tackles the subject with the women.

This clip is originally from 5 live Daily on Thursday 5 October 2017.

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