Theresa May Handed P45 Protest – coughing and bad throat were other interruptions

Theresa May Handed P45 Protest
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Theresa May Handed P45 Protest – the protester said it was a note from Boris Johnson.

This was the most important moment for the Prime Minister.  Her future with the Party is on the line.  Having an incident like this happen while delivering message of: let us renew the British dream.

Millions across the country would have seen the incident.  It is likely made it made many smile or even laugh.

Political pundits thought she handled it well while others believed it may damage her image.

During her keynote speech Theresa May had trouble with a cough. She regularly stopped to cough or drink water.  At one stage she was handed a lozenge. It only offered limited help.

In between spluttering, lozenges and protests were key issues and messages. Theresa May apologised for losing the General election. It was her fault alone

Other remarks: We must renew the British Dream.  A new bill review student loans and finances

There is a lot for Theresa May to do.  The public may have seen a weak person therefore a weak leader. Will this lead to a change in leadership sooner rather than later?  Let’s see

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