Double Agent Kim Philby Honoured with Moscow Exhibition – recognised as a hero

Double agent Kim Philby honoured with Moscow exhibition

Double agent Kim Philby honoured with Moscow exhibition – regarded as a hero

A new exhibition celebrating the life and work of the late MI6 officer and Soviet agent Kim Philby has opened in Moscow.

As a member of the infamous Cambridge Five group of spies, Philby fed secrets to the Kremlin. It was throughout the 1940s and 50s before he defected to the USSR in 1963.

Philby was a student at the University of Cambridge where he became a communist. He worked as a journalist until the cause for the USSR was what he wanted to pursue.

The young journalist surged forward into the world of espionage and joined MI6. He shot up fast in the ranks by leading the counter espionage operations.  Philby was responsible for combating Soviet subversion in western Europe.

Kim Philby was welcomed with open arms when he defected to Moscow. He continued with his beliefs in communism and able to devote his skills to the Soviet Union.

The double agent was regarded as being one of the most successful spies to work as a mole at the heart of the British established for the USSR.

Fourteen years after defecting he spoke about a lot of work needed to be done and that he had no regrets about betraying Britain. Just the mistakes he made doing it. It has been revealed he made the comments to KGGB officers in 1977.  This was in Moscow

Kim Philby died in Moscow 1988.  In 1933 he became a Soviet agent. He was a hero in USSR

BBC Video journalist: Elizaveta Vereykina


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