Astronaut Paolo Nespoli Warns Earth is Changing – environment issues important

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli Warns Earth is Changing
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Astronaut Paolo Nespoli Warns Earth is Changing – care was needed to save planet earth. He also talks of space ambitions for the young. Don’t miss the video

European Space Agency’s Paolo Nespoli is on his third mission to space.  He is 6o years old and more than up to speed with science and travelling in orbit.

The science magazine organised a live link with the Italian astronaut September 29 so students in London could talk to him about space and being in orbit.

As he said farewell Paolo warned that earth was changing and that environmental care needed to keep the planet looking wonderful.  Working on the space station is a dream for him.

Paoli Nespoli’s launch to the International Space Station was 28 July 2017. Blast-off was on a Soyuz capsule with crew mates Russian cosmonaut Sergei Ryazansky and US astronaut Randy Bresnik.

Nespoli is an old hand at the job. The experience gained will be valuable for future science. It is a dream the astronaut has had since childhood. The training for the third trip was extensive.  Although the Italian found it easy enough to do. Nespoli was ecstatic when he launched into space heading for the International Space Station.

He has nearly finished his work and ready to come home.


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