UK Disappointed by Bombardier Tax Ruling – Govt pledges to help protect jobs

UK Disappointed by Bombardier Tax Ruling

UK Disappointed by Bombardier Tax Ruling – up to 1,000 jobs in Belfast linked to the C-series under threat.  

The government has warned Boeing it could lose UK contracts over its part in A US  to impose a tax on the C-Series jet. They’re  made by Bombardier, one of Northern Ireland’s biggest employers.

Theresa May bitterly disappointed in the decision to go ahead with a sales tax.

Bombardier offers jobs in Belfast and to 15 smaller aerospace firms in Northern Ireland.  Also, dozens more across the UK, which make components for the wings.

Rival Boeing complained Bombardier got unfair state subsidies from the UK and Canada, helping it win a major order.

There are fears the imposition of tariffs could make Bombardier question staying in Northern Ireland.

Competitor Boeing wants it to be a more level playing field.  Delta believes no risk to businesses as neither Boeing nor any other US firm produced 100-110 seat aircraft to compete with the C-Series.

Bombardier employs more than 4,000 people at its plant in East Belfast.  About 1,000 of them build wings and fuselage for 75 C-series jets sold to US airline Delta.

Government Funding

Analysts say that the ruling will increase tensions between the US government and Canada and the UK, both countries have deals to supply military aircraft worth billions of dollars with Boeing.

UK Government and Northern Ireland Executive pledged to invest almost £135m in the establishment of the C-Series manufacturing site.

The programme received £750m from Quebec’s provincial government in 2015 when its fortunes appeared to be ailing.

Future looking grim.  Loss of jobs in Northern Ireland not good for economy.  Trade Unions eager for a solution to be found.

video BBC NI

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