Labour Party Conference: Jeremy Corbyn Watch Again – a government in waiting

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Party Conference: Jeremy Corbyn Watch Again – Brighton Wednesday September 27.  This is where the leader delivered his plans for the future of the Party.  A government in waiting.  Tories are on notice. Labour is ready and on threshold of power in the country

Labour is in buoyant mood and ready to take-over leadership of the country. Political observers believe that should there be an election in the near future Jeremy Corbyn would win. Downing Street waits for him.

The annual conference this year is being held in Brighton.  The city taken over by labour supporters as members attend the most important meeting of the Party. Crowds have been attending meetings outside the main hall where other issues can be discussed.

The key speech will be on Wednesday September 27 when Jeremy Corbyn speaks.  As leader whatever he says will be soaked up by members as well as the media.

It is likely he will speak for about half an hour or so.  Will Corbyn talk the economy? No clues are being given.  But the subject could be part of the speech.

The hall will fill to the rafters. Members from across the country expected to pack into the conference centre to hear Corbyn speak.  Brighton is a great place to be.

There will be national and international journalists eager to catch the top line to the Labour Leader’s speech. Print and broadcast media will have stories to headline newspapers, radio and television. Public can either read, listen or watch the whole event. The speech lasted just over an hour. There was massive welcome for the Labour Leaders when he arrive.  Hugs and kisses were plentiful. It didn’t take long for him to get onto the platform and deliver his message

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  1. Billy Badass September 26, 2017 at 12:34 pm #

    Just who is the “Jeremy Corby” you refer to?

    • YNUKTV editorial September 26, 2017 at 12:50 pm #

      Hey thanks. It’s all fixed

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