Theresa May LIVE OVER – SKY NEWS – Florence 2pm

Watch Theresa May LIVE OVER - SKY NEWS

Watch Theresa May LIVE OVER - SKY NEWS

Theresa May LIVE OVER – SKY NEWS –  2pm from Florence

Theresa May will tell EU leaders there is a shared responsibility to make Brexit work “smoothly” as she attempts to break the deadlock in negotiations.

In a major speech in Florence on Friday, she will say history will judge Brexit: not for the differences faced, but for the vision showed.

It is understood Mrs May will propose a two-year transitional deal, after March 2019, ahead of a permanent trade deal.

It could include payments worth 20bn euros (£18bn) over the two years.

The aim is to encourage a successful final agreement. It would be in the interests of both the UK and the remaining EU countries.

Critics are split on whether this is a sensible thing to do. However, a determined approach to negotiations might send a blow to the EU.

There is hope in government circles that the offer could unblock discussions

This is a big moment.  It could be the start to an optimistic way forward.  Public have mixed views. Why pay money?  But there are suggestions this could be a way the rest of EU will begin to take UK seriously.

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