Brexit: Journalists Tackle Theresa May – PM spoke of history, challenges, future

Brexit: Journalists Tackle Theresa May

Brexit: Journalists Tackle Theresa May – this was after her speech on the future with the European Union

PM Theresa May has said there should be a two-year transition period after Brexit, during which trade should continue on current terms.

EU migrants will still be able to live and work in the UK but they will have to register with the authorities, under her proposals.

And the UK will pay into the EU budget so member states are not left out of pocket.

She hopes this offer, made in a speech in Italy, will unblock Brexit talks.

The speech has received mixed reaction from analysts.  There is doubt it will have positive effect in Brussels but it could force negotiations to open up more.

EU citizens already in the UK can relax.  Theresa May say they could stay as long as British Citizens in the EU were able to remain where they are.

Although. until it is down on paper it won’t be regarded as real.  EU citizens have already left to go back home but there are many who have jobs, married and established a life in UK who want to remain . The same applies to British citizens in EU.


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