Sentinel 5P Satellite Air Quality Mission – prepared Stevenage – lift-off Oct 13

Sentinel 5P Satellite Air Quality Mission
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Sentinel 5P Satellite Air Quality Mission – set for orbit after its structure built in Stevenage

Lift-off for the Copernicus Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite is set for October 13.  But work has to be done before it heads for space.

Sentinel 5P left its plant at Stevenage to make its way Russia.

It is the European Space Agency’s latest earth observation satellite.  The P is for Precursor.  The preparations are finished and the satellite shipped to the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia where it will be launched.

The satellite will join the rest of the fleet of Sentinel satellites in orbit as part of the Copernicus European Union programme.

Sentinel-5P will ensure the continued data gathering on earth’s atmosphere. It is the intermediary satellite to fill the gap between the past generation of atmospheric monitoring satellites and the future generation of sentinel-4 and 5.

The main purpose of this mission is to collect information about air quality, air pollution on the Earth’s atmosphere.  This is one of the most important space venture for the Earth’s environment.  The data will be valuable for future science. It will help speed up the process of action if needed.

Environment key issue and views from space can inform. Sentinel 5P launch is vital and can do this. The travel to Russia done with huge care. Once there final assembly took place. Video captures each stage.

ESA’s video gives a close-up look at the Sentinel 5P and interviews with the scientists involved.

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