Coventry Business that Fits Red Carpets – awards can’t do without them

Coventry Business That Makes Red Carpets

Coventry Business that Fits Red Carpets – can be a busy production line

Hundreds of celebrities strut their stuff on the red carpet at the Baftas and other film premieres every year.

The red carpet doesn’t only come in Red it can also be made in green or blue. These attract a lot of attention and can confuse fans should they be expecting red carpet.

No matter which colour.  The stars and even royalty look fantastic.  The glamour adds great colour to an already colourful occasion.

Red carpet affairs are usually held in Leicester Square where the most cinemas can be found. However, the carpets can be seen at Regents Park and South Bank galas.

Generally, each occasion usually packed with crowds who love to see the great actors and performers walk the red carpet.  It is likely fans don’t take into account where carpets come from. The carpets usually an accepted part of premiere or similar event.

But who are the workers who make the red carpet possible?

Meet the team from the Coventry company that lets celebrities walk all over them.

video BBC Coventry

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