Storm Aileen – weather centre forecasts battering winds and heavy rain most parts of Britain

Storm Aileen
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Storm Aileen – Britain expected to be battered by powerful winds and rain

Weather office warn Storm Aileen will bring strong winds and a fortnight’s worth of rain in one night.

Low pressure is moving across England and Wales Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

The forecast:

Heavy rain is expected later on Tuesday and early on Wednesday. This may cause flooding on the transport network, with spray and difficult driving conditions due to the combination of rain and wind. There is also a small chance of flooding affecting homes and businesses. Note also the possibility of strong winds in the south of the area.

30 to 40 mm of rain falling within 6 to 9 hours seems likely to lead to flooding of some sections of road and perhaps also properties. The warning area has been pulled southwards compared to yesterday’s issue.

Region alerts: Cheshire, Lanarkshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire affected

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