Borg McEnroe trailer – Sept 22 – on court duel between tennis rivals

Borg McEnroe trailer
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Borg McEnroe trailer – a true story – their rivalry was stunning to watch

The story of the 1980s tennis rivalry between the placid Björn Borg and the volatile John McEnroe.

Director: Janus Metz Pedersen

Screenplay:  Ronnie Sandahl

Stars:  Stan Skarsgårdell,, Sverrir Gudnason as Björn Borg.

As tennis stars they were great to watch. Their performances always won massive audiences. Wimbledon has never been the same since.

GUARDIAN Peter Bradshaw: 

Well, LaBeouf is good casting – really, the only possible casting – and he channels McEnroe’s simmering resentment and winner-rage plausibly enough. (I wonder if there were any real-estate moguls in New York around that time for him to model himself on?) As for Borg, Gudnason is certainly an eerie lookalike. But his performance seems set on showing us that underneath that bland, slightly dull exterior there was a … well, let’s just say he seems the complete master of his personality. Borg suppressed his temper to become a great tennis player; but then McEnroe did the opposite and he’s a great player too. So what’s the life lesson here? What’s the point? They’re both great players, great guys, and there’s a kind of self-cancelling evenness at work. The sweatband remains dry.


Both are now commentators for the beautiful game. Wimbledon is not the same without their comments.  The two are more tolerant. Praise is given to new tennis players. Tennis remains a big part of their lives.  It is good to see them

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