George Osborne Talks Brexit Immigration – transition from politics to journalism

George Osborne Talks Brexit Immigration
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George Osborne Talks Brexit Immigration – immigration not getting good publicity

George Osborne admits he wanted to stay in the European Union, but accepts that the public voted to leave.  The message he wants to deliver now is that Britain should fight to keep the financial services in London.

Also to promote the positive benefits of having immigrants in the capital and the rest of the country. Too much is heard about the negative effects.

George Osborne was guest at a London Press Club event where is was in conversation with Andrew Marr.

Osborne is Editor of the Evening Standard and took on the job after he was sacked by Theresa May as Chancellor of the Exchequer.  He has never forgiven her for it.

The transition from politician to journalism is one he likes and even enjoys. Although he doesn’t rule out returning to politics.

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What do you think of this story?  Did you find George Osborne interesting or just boring.  Osborne enjoyed the presentation.  The audience liked it too.  An opportunity to see him up close and within range.


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