Child Shaped Bollards to Deter Speeding

Child Shaped Bollards to Deter Speeding

Child Shaped Bollards to Deter Speeding – brightly coloured figures make traffic stop and think 

Bollards shaped like children are being used as a speeding deterrent outside primary schools.  But some locals have called them “hideous”.

The bollards, which were installed at Iver infants and juniors in Buckinghamshire during the summer holidays, have split local residents’ opinions.

Design and style are considered to be creepy and ugly.  However, the bollards are effective and traffic is taking more care as they drive past the school.

The Council had them installed because of the dangers children faced as they left school.  It seems drivers were paying little attention to the speed limit.

They cost £5,395, including installation, according to Iver parish council. Council considered various options but found the dummies were the most practical measure.  They had worked elsewhere.  More than half a dozen have been erected.

The metal and plastic figures were installed in Leicester in 2009 and later Birmingham. They apparently worked.  But one critic still compared them to the white-eyed kids in the film Children of the Damned.

The AA welcomed the idea at the time, with a note of caution on possible vandalism, especially at night.  In this case,  it is a positive move and could be successful in encouraging to slow down. video BBC


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