London’s Big Ben Will Shut Down For Renovations – Bongs stop midday August 21 – re-think of 4 year pause

London's Big Ben Will Shut Down For Renovations

London’s Big Ben Will Shut Down For Renovations. Bongs will stop from midday Monday August 21.  The silence is meant to last for four years. It would be the longest pause for 157 years!  But Prime Minister wants this to be reviewed.

The saying goes that silence can be golden. But may be it is not.  London’s iconic Big Ben, the bell inside a clock tower by the Houses of Parliament, will fall silent next Monday – 21 August – for the next four years. This is due to conservation work.  However, Theresa May has requested those involved to reconsider the length of time they want to take to do the renovations. So, four years could be reduced.

Parliamentary approval needed for the bongs to be silent because it will help protect the workmen while carrying out repairs. Safety is an important factor in the project.

Big Ben will be heard, however, for important events including New Year’s Eve and Remembrance Sunday. The bongs will strike out across the Capital, a reminder of how the Clock works in action.

The landmark Elizabeth Tower is the most photographed building in the UK. Scaffolding already erected and work is under way. A perfect pic of Big Ben is now out of the question for the net four years.

During the project new amenities will be installed in the Tower including a lift, a kitchen and toilet.  These facilities were not available before the work started

Conservation is important to Big Ben functioning properly. Therefore, it will be dismantled piece-by-piece and the four dials cleaned and repaired. An arduous but essential job.  Repair skills key while the clean-up takes place.

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