Great Britain Win Gold Usain Bolt Falls – leg injury forced him down

Great Britain Win Gold Usain Bolt Falls

Great Britain Win Gold Usain Bolt Falls – he was close to the finish line when it happened

Bye Bye Usain Bolt. A disappointing end.  A leg injury prevented him finishing the race while Great Britain soared into the through the finish line in the mens 4x100m relay.

Usain Bolt fell close the finish.  It appeared something happened to his leg and Bolt was in pain. Horrendous to happen and watch.  The injury an unfortunate way to finish the final race in his glorious history.

Britain came first and won Gold – an amazing performance.  Great spectacular squad of athletes. It was a wonderful win. Fans loved the final. The team has made history and have the title of new world champions. They won in the third fastest time

Usain was the highlight of the night. The crowd was there to see this champion make his final run in the world of athletics competition. But it was disappointment all round.

Usain Bolt entered the London Stadium tall strong and proud.  Fans roared their welcome to the great athlete.

Usain Bolt did not make the gold he wanted. Fans saw the pain Bolt was in as a leg gave way under him on the track. It is understood he suffered a ham string.  A painful end.

Should Usain Bolt have called it a day at the Rio 2016 Games?


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