London Symphony Fuses Silent Film and Classical Music – Sept 3 on tour

London Symphony Fuses Silent Film and Classical Music

London Symphony Fuses Silent Film and Classical Music – played by Covent Garden Sinfonia. Take a poetic journey.  Film hits cinemas from September 3.

London Symphony is a brand new silent film – a city symphony.  Footage for the film was shot in over 300 locations around every borough of London. It includes members of the community who were thrilled with the experience.

Screenings are being arranged for the locals so they can enjoy what their borough offered. Film also sends a message of inspiration and how there’s a different view around every corner.

It celebrates diversity and culture and reflects a city that moves with its community.

The film was nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017.

Directed and Edited by Alex Barrett.

Music composed by James McWilliam.

Produced by: Katherine Round

Written by Rahim Moledina.

Photographed by Alex Barrett, Diana Olifirova, Keifer Taylor, Jackie Teboul, Simon Thorpe


03/09/2017, 15:30: The Barbican Centre
17/09/2017, 19:00:  The Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate
28/10/2017, 18:30:  The Shree Ghanpathy Temple

These events have been made possible by funding from the Arts Council England

For more and to book go:

There’s a showing near you.


London is an amazing city. One of the best in the world. There is great admiration for Londoners and their way of life. The blend of living a somewhat normal life in a city full of buzz is just one of its greatest achievements.

Young and old can claim to have a great time. London Symphony highlights key issues like how the ‘the other half’ lives.  North, South, East and West have their own life style.  It doesn’t matter. One of the best things is there’s a choice. The city is a visitors haven. Many return because there is so much to see and learn about. Structures and buildings are not that high compared to other cities. Designs, old and new, mix from street to street throughout a walk.

Night time is an exciting time to be in London. Soho is a favourite.  The West End is generally full of tourists and those out on the town. When theatre shows end the streets fill with people looking for the next hot spot.

Watch the video to meet the team creators and scenes from London Symphony.

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